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Happy 4th of July, HAMERICA!

Happy 4th of July, HAMERICA!


All Of Us At Ham Radio Want to Wish You a Great 4th of July and what is a great way to celebrate you ask? with the Show that kicks ass, stands up for free speech and never pulls the wool over your eyes. its raw, it real, its reality radio!  We have complied this jam packed “Canned Ham” episode full of awesome moments from the past 10+ Years….  including but not only the Classics, but moments that have really defined the show into the what is.

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The Canadian Unified Network Technician at HAMRadioShow.com.
Assisting The HAM Radio show from 2011. and producer and Webmaster of HAM 24/7 (The Library of The HAM Radio Show’s classic content from WNJC-PLANETPLATYPUS).

Nick Is responsible for the maintence of HAMradioshow.com ( As of 3/17/15 until further notice) and podrealplayer.com

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